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Turkmenistan marks the National Health Day by stressing the importance of maternal and child health

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UNICEF joined the Ministry of Health and Medical industry of Turkmenistan in marking the National Health Day by organizing two workshops on benefits of flour fortification for stakeholders involved in flour production, and on infection control for specialists of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Service.

Turkmenistan is one of the eighty countries in the world that fortifies wheat flour with iron and folic acid, which costs around 10 cents per person per year. Flour fortification helps to reduce vitamin, mineral and iron deficiency which contributes to more than one-third of all deaths in children under the age of five; stunting of an estimated 195 million children under age five in developing countries; and undeveloped cognitive capacity, productivity and earning potential.


Turkmenistan marks World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day was marked in Turkmenistan. As the correspondent reports from Ashgabat, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has become one of the most widely recognized conventions in the UN history. Turkmenistan joined the Convention in spring 2011.

It should be recalled that Turkmenistan took active part in the development of this international instrument, and Turkmenistan's experience was not only widely used in its preparation but also repeatedly recommended for replication in other countries.

For example, the Convention emphasizes the need for a ban on tobacco advertising that was introduced in Turkmenistan under the State Program “Health.” Turkmenistan's position in this matter as well as Turkmenistan’s ban on promotion of sales and sponsorship of tobacco companies have been recognized by WHO member states as exemplary for other countries.

In addition, the fundamental provisions of the Convention relate to protection of children and adolescents from exposure and tobacco consumption, prevention and treatment of tobacco addiction, promoting establishment of tobacco free zones, knowledge and exchange of information at national and international levels, protection of vulnerable groups and others.

Turkmenistan was one of the first in the CIS to begin fighting the use of tobacco products by introducing high fine in 2000 for smoking in public places.


Turkmenistan continues to support UNODC regional efforts

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Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry officials discussed with the delegation led by Senior Program Coordinator of the UNODC Regional Program for Afghanistan Mr. Jeremy Milsom the issues on implementation of the Regional Program to support the efforts on fighting against the drug trafficking in Afghanistan and neighboring countries for 2011-2015.

Being the member of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs for 2012-2015, Turkmenistan conducts constructive foreign policy in active support of international dialogue on finding the solutions based on effective counteraction and fighting against drug trafficking.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan