The Government of Turkmenistan and the UN agencies have discussed the progress of cooperation at an annual review of the 2010-2015 UNDAF

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В Ашхабаде состоялось совещание по ежегодному обзору Рамочной Программы ООН по содействию развитию Туркменистана на период 2010-2015 годы

The Government of Turkmenistan and the UN agencies accredited in the country have discussed the progress of cooperation in 2012 and identified the priorities for the current year and beyond at an annual review of the 2010-2015 United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Turkmenistan. 
The meeting brought together the representatives of all UN agencies working in the country and senior officials from various national institutions as well as public associations who oversee the implementation of joint activities under the UNDAF from the Government side. The discussions were led by Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Mr. Vepa Hajiyev and UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan Ms. Jacinta Barrins.

In his opening remarks, the Turkmen Deputy Foreign Minister noted that expansion and intensification of cooperation with the United Nations and its structures are one of the key aspects of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy. "At the national level, implementation of UNDAF for 2010-2015 is among the priorities of Turkmenistan’s state policy in economic and social spheres, especially in education, healthcare, social security and protection of environment," Vepa Hajiyev said.


The Government of Turkmenistan and the UN agencies have discussed the progress of cooperation at an annual review of the 2010-2015 UNDAF

Speaking of the areas of support to Turkmenistan, the UN Resident Representative in Turkmenistan praised the trusting relationship with Turkmenistan. "We are very pleased to support four key areas, namely, human rights and the rule of law, socio and economic development with a particular emphasis on women and children’s access to quality health and education and a social security system that addresses the needs of the vulnerable, management of natural resources so that it can support effective economic development, and lastly, effective peace and security addressing illicit drug trafficking, human trafficking, crimes, border management and disaster risk reduction," Jacinta Barrins said.
The participants of the UNDAF noted the emerging role of Turkmenistan as a sponsor of the UNDAF. The speakers welcomed the ongoing discussions on increasing the funding and ownership by the government of Turkmenistan. 
The representatives of the UN agencies and the Government of Turkmenistan stressed the importance of the ongoing national consultations to define the post-2015 global development framework. This process is part of the global UN-led discussions, in which people of the world can express their views on the future they want after 2015, i.e. the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The meeting participants also discussed the preparation of Turkmenistan national MDG report, the first since 2004. 
The meeting concluded with representatives of the UN agencies making presentations on the joint priorities for 2013.

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