Briefing on adoption by UN General Assembly of resolution on secure transit of energy

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Briefing on adoption by UN General Assembly of resolution on secure transit of energy

A briefing was held at the IV International Gas Congress at the Exhibition Palace “Sergi köşgi” in Ashgabat dedicated to the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the resolution “Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy and its Role in Ensuring Sustainable Development and International Cooperation.”

As was noted, the idea on establishing an international mechanism to ensure energy security on a global scale was put forth by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in 2007.

The most important step in this direction was a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2008, which actually marked the beginning of the broad international discussion of this problem.

The adoption of the second in a row resolution by the UN General Assembly is evidence of the consistent and systemic approach of the international community towards the broad international dialogue on energy transit. 

Turkmenistan’s vision and approaches to this issue gains greater understanding and approval by the international community. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2008 the resolution was co-sponsored by 57 UN member states, while the current resolution was cosponsored by 71 UN member states. 

As was noted at the briefing, the UN resolution, in effect, provides a framework for establishment and functioning of an international expert group to draft a new, comprehensive document on global cooperation in the energy sphere. In particular, the resolution says that the UN welcomes the proposal of the Government of Turkmenistan to host an international meeting of experts on this issue early in 2014.  

According to another important provision of the resolution, the UN Secretary-General is invited to seek the views of member states and relevant entities of the United Nations system, including regional commissions, on issues relating to the reliable and stable transit of energy, as well as on possible modalities for international cooperation, and to communicate such views in a summary report of the Secretariat to the General Assembly at its sixty-ninth session for further consideration. In fact, this means that the agenda of the UN will feature a separate item of global significance to be discussed by dozens of members of the organization.

It was noted that implementation of the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on establishment of a new UN body - Energy Council – will be an important step at the institutional level. Turkmenistan believes that such council could be charged with the task of monitoring the implementation of future conventions and agreements in the field of energy security.

Noting the importance of the resolution “Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy and Its Role in Ensuring Sustainable Development and International Cooperation” that was unanimously adopted by the UN General Assembly, the briefing participants stressed that this truly historic event proves the absolute support of the UN member states of the initiative on ensuring global energy security and their willingness to work with Turkmenistan on implementation of the document.

This resolution is a prelude to establishment and functioning of the International Expert Group of the UN, whose main objective is to develop a new international legal mechanism on ensuring global energy security.